North Iceland

Our yurts are ideally situated in the countryside at just a 6 minute drive from the town of Akureyri. The camp is a perfect starting point for exploring the North of Iceland.

The North has a lot of natural wonders to offer, such as the Goðafoss waterfall, one of the prettiest waterfalls in Iceland, only half an hours´ drive away. And lake Mývatn, a unique area, even for Iceland, because there are many different things together: boiling mudpots, rich birdlife, lava formations and beautiful nature. And Jarðböðin, the North Icelandic version of the Blue Lagoon, all at about 45 minutes drive. The North of Iceland is a lot less visited than the South and especially during the off season between September-May, you can still get the place to yourself.

There are many activities you can do around Akureyri:  whale watching, horse riding, mountain biking, hiking to name a few. There are three geothermal swimming pools close by. In the winter and during the spring there are some excellent skiing slopes at Hlidarfjall (a ten minute drive) and plenty of tour skiing opportunities. Ski from your front door!